kindred mamas: creating symbiosis within

3rd Monday of the Month from
March 15 – August 16, 2021 8pm CST

The internal world of motherhood is fragmented at best. We are nurturer, educator, creatrix, psychologist, house manager, hobbyist, employee, employer. These parts keep us in a liminal type space, neither fully in this world nor the other. Unity, collaboration, symbiosis, these seemingly external notions turned internal can aid in a more fluid and aligned sense of being. Join Nichole for the next 6 months as we dive into meeting, communing, and co-creating with just one of the many aspects we individually contain within.

Each 2 hour session, held via zoom, will begin with a grounding meditation, moving into a discussion on that evening’s topic, then an integration time where the experience is activated with a guided mediation, reflective writing, or art making. All mamas from all paths, no matter where you are on your journey, be it fresh in the oven to well seasoned, are welcome.

A note on ticket prices: Nichole has carefully developed a tiered ticket structure to create an equitable space that honors everyone’s living situation and makes the supportive, creative, and spiritual outlet that is Kindred Mamas accessible to all, while still respecting the time, energy and resources Nichole invests in these spirit led offerings. The actual cost for participation is $20 per gathering. There are 4 tickets available at lower prices for those who see themselves surviving. However, if you are thriving, please consider purchasing a ticket at the higher levels to help support our community. Thank you!

Please note: the May gathering has been moved to Sunday, May 16th