birthingway ceremony

This special ceremony is a celebration that gathers expectant parents’ closest friends and family to honor their pregnancy, labor, and transition into parenthood.

While a baby shower focuses on the physical preparation for the arrival of a new baby, a Birthingway, also known as a mother blessing, based on the Navajo tradition of the Blessing Way, is a ceremony that honors the passage from maiden to mother, individual to parent.

With deep intuition Nichole connects with families and their spiritual path to develop a ceremony that authentically reflects their personality and culture. Nichole can facilitate with just the birthing person, both parents, or even friends and extended family to create a unique ceremony to celebrate them, be it their first or even third pregnancy.

Sliding-scale rates starting at $50, includes 1 in person meeting, one 2 hour ceremony, along with text & email conversations. Cost of materials not included in this rate.


“We are so grateful for all of the love and careful planning Nichole brought to our Birthingway. She made the ceremony so personal, meaningful, and profound for me and my spouse, as well as our little village of loved ones who shared the experience with us. I would highly recommend working with Nichole to help bring a sense of community and calm preparedness on your journey into the next chapter as parents”
-Gretchen Adams

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