postpartum support

The arrival of a new family member is a beautifully sacred time in one’s life, and it is Nichole’s passion and honor to help guide families through these moments so that they feel supported, nurtured, and empowered. Nichole brings a gentle presence inspired by indigenous Mexican birth and postpartum practices to the families for whom she cares.

Nichole’s Postpartum Services include:

  • Provide a well of evidence-based resources to equip families with any needs that may arise: lactation support, postpartum mood disorders, new parent support groups, to name a few.
  • Assistance with household chores that directly relate to the family and and their baby: laundry, light meal preparation, and dishes for example.
  • Spiritual support through belly binding, ceremonial baths, and guided meditations.
  • Quick errands to retrieve items related to baby and the healing of the birthing person, or to take them to any baby related appointment.
  • Engage fully with the older sibling(s) so parents may have special bonding time with their newborn.
  • Provide care for the newborn while parents reinforce the family bond established with their older child(ren).
  • Care for all children while the new parents, shower, or do any other self-care practice necessary to remember what it’s like to live in their own skin.
  • Lend an open ear and heart so parents may process your new experiences.

Doula Packages



Schedule: 3 visits within the first 3 weeks of birth

Rate: $360


Short Term

Schedule: 8 visits over the course of the first 4 weeks

Rate: $960


Long Term Care

Schedule: 2-3 visits a week for the first 6 weeks

Rate: $1440 – $2160

Fine Print:

  • While it is not obligatory to purchase a specific package, a minimum of 4 hours of postpartum assistance is required for booking services.
  • All visits include the services listed above, along with provision of resources such as meal plans, local support groups and more.
  • All visits last 4 hours at $30 an hour Mon – Friday, $35 on Saturdays. Rates reflect appointments booked during the work week.
  • Permitted Nichole’s availability, families are able to extend their agreement past the established package should they recognize it necessary.
  • A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to retain services. The deposit will be applied to the family’s final hours of service.

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